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Welcome. We are a family of mobile technicians specializing in refrigeration for commercial fishing vessels.

We operate globally and have vast experience servicing the West Coast and Alaska.

Troubleshooting and Tech Service
System Consultations and Installs

Consulting. Service. Education.

Do you need to choose a new refrigeration system? 

Is your unit in need of a tune up or rebuild? 

Are you looking to expand your knowledge as an operator? 

Troubleshooting and Tech Service

We excel at finding solutions.

We bring over 20 years of experience in the marine refrigeration industry, as well as knowledge of industrial hydraulics, marine electrical systems, marine diesel engines, welding, fabricating and even fiberglassing, to your project or problem.  

System Consultations and Installs

We work with you to develop the best solution for the unique needs of your fishing style and vessel.
We can recommend the best unit for you and 
can install your new or used unit, including planning and executing a complete plumbing design package.

System Startups

Begin your season with confidence.

We thoroughly inspect and test your systems to make sure they are operating safely and correctly.


Operator Classes

Ready to understand your RSW or other refrigeration system better?

We offer a four-day course which teaches basic refrigeration theory and how to safely operate and maintain your equipment.

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