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About our team:

We specialize in installing, servicing, troubleshooting and repairing marine refrigeration systems, particularly RSW (refrigerated sea water), blast and brine units, as well as ice machines.

We service and repair equipment in the field, perform season start ups, rebuild systems, and design unique solutions to fit your individual needs.

At M. R. Solutions we have a passion for education.

We offer an operators course to anyone interested in learning more about their refrigeration systems.

Who we are:

Marine refrigeration technician

Doug Cannon (DC) is the owner and operator of Marine Refrigeration Solutions.

He has over 25 years of experience in the field of marine refrigeration as well as experience with industrial hydraulics, marine electrical systems, welding, fiberglassing, and shop production.

Prior to starting Marine Refrigeration Solutions, DC spent 15 years as the shop manager and lead service technician for Integrated Marine Systems, streamlining production processes, building and installing refrigeration units, and troubleshooting customers problems over the phone and in the field.

When it was time to move on from IMS, this company was born.

DC started Marine Refrigeration Solutions in 2013 with a vision to empower and educate fishermen and operators. 


DC has a passion for educating operators on how their equipment functions and how to use their systems effectively .  

He is an accredited teacher with the UAF (University of Alaska at Fairbanks) and SAVEC (Southwest Alaska Vocational Education Center.)

When not out in the field, DC can be found working on cars and home projects, riding a dirtbike, or teasing his grandkids. 



The second member of the team is Robert Cannon (RC) who shares his father's passion for troubleshooting and mechanical objects.

Along with being an experienced refrigeration technician, RC is a diesel mechanic, ABYC certified marine electrician, and welder/fabricator.​ 

He joined M.R. Solutions full time in 2020 after five years of working with the Port Townsend Shipwright’s Co-op.


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